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” Great office, great doctor and super time efficient. I was in and out of the office in 1 hour which was huge for me bc I come here sometimes during my lunch break. Beautiful building and pretty office. Highly recommend.”

Floyd M.

” When moved downtown a year and a half ago, went to five dentist offices and had cleanings at two of them before making a choice of the dentist to stick with.”

Jeroma B.

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Dr. Kacker, our esteemed dentist at the Westlake Village dental practice, adopts a holistic approach to dentistry. He firmly believes that oral health is intricately linked to a person’s overall well-being. With this philosophy, he emphasizes treatments that not only ensure peak oral health but also foster harmony for the mind, body, and spirit.

Integrative Dentistry

Our Westlake Village dental office will become your partner in improving and maintaining your dental health and wellness. Dr. Kacker’s approach is innovative and combines modern technology with his holistic dental approach in delivering quality dental care. Our dentist and staff attempt to minimize traditional invasive procedures and maximize their use of alternative methods with first-class instruments to indorse optimum care.

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What is Holistic/Whole-Body Dentistry?

A Holistic dentist tends to the oral necessities of patients but also provides treatment to promote overall health and wellness. Holistic dentists, like Dr. Kacker, view healthcare in its totality, and not just for treating strictly oral concerns which in turn promotes wellness for the patient’s mind, body and soul.

Holistic dentistry is accepted across dental boards and is approved by health practitioners on a local and global level. Patients are seeking treatment to improve their oral health condition but are also looking to improve their overall health as well. With our Holistic approach to modern dentistry, our dentist and staff will become partners of your long-term health plan to ensure the highest quality of life.

While at our Westlake dental office, Dr. Kacker will obtain your complete medical history and perform a complete dental examination at your initial or return visit.

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Don’t let failing and missing teeth keep you from feeling confident or from doing the things you love. Call us today at (818) 889-7779 to invest into your health, your life, and your future.

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