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Dr. Kacker has centered his Westlake Village dental office on comprehensive dentistry with an integrative approach. Dr. Kacker along with his seasoned dental staff, have coupled their innovative holistic approach with cutting-edge technology to provide patients with exceptional care for their overall wellbeing and excellent oral health.

Our unique dental procedures will be tailored to your every need, giving you the smile you deserve and the dental health you demand!

Our Dental Office in Westlake Village

Holistic dentistry involves not only taking care of your oral health, but also caring for your mind, body and spirit. You will feel calm and comfortable while visiting our dentist in Westlake Village because Dr. Kacker makes it his objective to provide optimum dental care by using non-traditional but highly commended dental equipment and procedures. Now offering cutting edge soltuions such as the Fotana's NightLase therapy to treat snoring and sleep apnea in a fast, friendly, non-ivasive way with zero downtime.

Our philosophy has always been patient-oriented, providing personalized service to all of our Westlake Village patients with advanced technology and holistic approach.


With our world class dentistry and holistic approach, we are able to treat our Westlake Village patients with cutting-edge procedures by using innovative dental equipment. Our dentist will provide you with the beautiful, healthy smile.

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